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Our Process

Step by Step

A major part of any agricultural waste project is coordination. Agri-Waste Energy does feasibility studies first, to verify the suitability of the site and to evaluate the needs of the owner. We check the applicable zoning, environmental rules and building codes. We study not only the suitability of the site, but its proximity to natural gas pipelines and other energy markets, as well as uses for liquid fertilizers and applications for separated manure solids.

If You Go Ahead

If the owner decides to proceed, we coordinate the work of engineers and contractors to assure that the work is done correctly, in the right sequence, and in a timely way. We will be available for system startup and operation, and will support the facility owners in marketing the products.

Typical Candidates

This process can be highly effective for large livestock operations, especially in areas where there are on-farm uses or commercial markets for the products. The Agri-Waste Energy process includes not just an anaerobic waste digester, but also systems to extract and utilize the products of the digester, creating high quality natural gas, a rich liquid fertilizer, and a dry bedding material.  Each application is different. Can we help you look at yours?

We Are Ready

We know that there have been numerous ideas put forward on ways to extract energy from agricultural waste. Our approach is to use all of the byproduct streams to their fullest advantage. The concept of refining biogas to create a true, commercially competitive refined Renewable Natural Gas product is an important new approach.  We believe it’s one that both farmers and investors will find attractive.