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Who is Agri-Waste Energy?

Agri-Waste Energy develops and assists in financing waste processing and energy conversion systems for dairy and livestock farming operations. We believe that animal waste is a valuable input for processing into fuels, fertilizer and bedding. We have the skills and experience to change manure from a problem into an asset. Our organization has individuals with long experience in agriculture and energy. Our skills include project assessment, engineering, financing, field coordination and operations management. 

Experienced with Digesters

We have experience using numerous types of advanced anaerobic digesters along with a biogas refining technology to process manure into a high quality Renewable Natural Gas product, a fiberous material suitable for animal bedding or composting, and a rich liquid fertilizer suitable for land application.

Each Application is Different

We recognize that each farming operation has unique characteristics, and that projects need to be customized for each owner. We work with each owner to meet that owner’s specific needs.